Well-Being (Anti-Aging)

The Well-being profile is an extended genetic test allowing the exploration of many metabolic pathways involved in health and ageing. 

The Well-being profile covers detoxification capacities, cardiovascular diseases, skin and dental health, weight management, bone health, physical and mental fitness. The provided results offer personalized and detailed recommendations on nutrition, diet, micronutrition and lifestyle. The Well-being test may be carried out for any person who wants to invest in her/his health condition by taking appropriate preventive measures against ageing and age-related conditions.

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DetoxGen - Preventive Genetic Profile for phase I and II detoxification

This test analyses key genes involved in xenobiotics and drug metabolism, e.g. detoxification of insecticides, herbicides, nicotine, alcohol and carcinogenic substrates. DetoxGen is especially appropriate as a basic profile for anti-ageing treatment and allows to improve your detoxification capacities in order to prevent environmental diseases.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is the mechanism of inactivation and elimination of waste products originating either from endogenous molecules such as hormones or from exogenous compounds such as drugs and pollutants. These eventually toxic waste products are chemically reduced or oxidised and finally conjugated in order to transform them into less toxic substances and to facilitate their excretion. The liver plays a crucial role in the detoxification processes (elimination of toxins, synthesis and secretion of bile, enzymatic disassemblage of chemicals). Other organs implicated in detoxification are the colon and the kidneys, but also the brain and the skin.

What are the consequences?

At the level of detoxification phase I Phase I neutralises toxins to form activated intermediate compounds. A dysfunction of the enzymatic activity leads to an inadequate metabolisation with unwanted side effects as a consequence. At the level of detoxification phase II Bioactivated substances from detoxification phase I are transformed (neutralised) into soluble compounds by phase II enzymes. Exposure to carcinogenic compounds coupled to a low enzymatic activity of phase II significantly increase the susceptibility to chronic diseases due to ageing.


The Test DetoxGen analyses several genetic variations linked to:

• the metabolic activation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

• the drug metabolism and cholesterol synthesis

• the detoxification of herbicides, insecticides and nicotine

• the detoxification of alcohol and the metabolism of toxic compounds

• the oxidation of steroids, fatty acids and xenobiotics

• the protection of cells against carcinogenic chemical compounds and/or xenobiotics via conjugation

• the detoxification of several substances originating from industrial pollution, tobacco consumption, etc.

Detailed dietary recommendations based on the genetic predispositions as well as on the patient’s questionnaire (non-genetic predispositions) allow a personalised prevention, guiding your healthcare practitioner to the protocol tailored to your genetics. 


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WeightGen - Preventive Genetic Profile Dedicated to Weight Control 

DNA weight tests for all genes (25 genes) involved in metabolic pathways that regulate weight.

This panel analyses DNA variations that are responsible for adipogenesis, anthropometry, appetite control, energy expenditure, lipid metabolism and inflammation, in other words DNA variations responsible for the development of overweight or obesity. Personalised recommendations of WEIGHTgen will help you to manage and to optimise your weight control system and offer solutions to make it more efficient.


Every person is different, biochemically and genetically, there is NO one perfect diet for everybody, WeightGen will find YOUR perfect diet!



The body weight is the sum of body fat (adipose tissues), lean body mass (conjonctive tissue and muscles), skeleton, and water. Age, nutrition, physical activity, hormones and different diseases have a direct or progressive impact on our body weight. Genetic parameters also play a major role in the development of obesity, weight loss, or meagerness. Our lifestyle choices can affect these developments.

Who and when should be tested?

Anybody who wishes to optimise his/her body weight Why WeightGen? Easy to carry out and innovative WeightGen is focused on genetic parameters involved in the development of overweight, obesity or excessive meagerness, and their interactions with lifestyle.

Results and Interpretation

Comprehensive results and recommendations to optimise body weight. Recommendations in nutrition and lifestyle are provided, allowing prevention or attenuation of weight disorders.

Additional Information

Since WeightGen is a genetic analysis, it needs to be carried out only once in a lifetime. Required sample material is a saliva sample.


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SkinGen - Preventive Genetic Profile Dedicated to Skin Ageing 

DNA skin tests for all genes (17 genes) involved in skin ageing including oxidative stress, epidermal integrity, inflammation, detoxification and collagen breakdown. 
All analysed polymorphisms as well as gene-gene interactions are taken into account in order to compile a report with personal genetics-based recommendations. These would allow a client to counterbalance potentially negative effects of malfunctioning metabolic pathways involved in their skin health.

The DNA report accounts for these genetic factors along with lifestyle factors, providing with a truly preventative, personalised skincare. The report includes gene-based dietary recommendations, DNA-specific topical treatments, supplementation, vitamin requirements, measures to promote collagen synthesis, prevent UV-induced collagen breakdown both from inside and out. Genetic skin profile helps clients to protect and to improve their skin health capacities.

Our DNA is what makes all of us unique. It is by testing your DNA we can analyse the small variations in your genes that are responsible for significant differences in how we age.
Once the results have been analysed a client will have a consultation with Olga who will explain what the results mean and what  skincare ingredients, micronutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients and at what amounts and ratios are necessary to improve the appearance and health of your skin and what to do to prevent or slow down ageing. Highest quality ingredients at different concentrations can prevent your skin’s ageing according to your personalised DNA profile.


The skin is one of the largest organs in terms of size and mass and it represents the first and major barrier of protection of the organism. For the physical and functional protection to be efficient, the skin needs to be intact. Different factors such as injuries, pathogens, allergies, hormonal levels, UV exposure, nutrition, but also genetic factors influence the health state of the skin and may alter its appearance.

Who and when should be tested?

Everyone who wishes to optimise his/her skin health

Why SkinGen?

Easy to carry out and innovative

Comprehensive results allow reducing disorders and optimising the appearance of the skin.

Results and Interpretation

SkinGen allows the prevention of premature skin aging through personalised nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. Guidance towards the most appropriate skin care.

Additional Information

Since SkinGen is a genetic analysis, it needs to be carried out only once in a lifetime. Required sample material is either a blood sample or a saliva sample.


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