Our cookery workshops in London are run in AVEQIA purpose-built state of the art kitchens


Are you interested in learning new clean, quick and convenient recipes?
Would you like to make and taste some delicious nutritious meals?
Do you ever wonder how to boost your energy and improve your performance at work?
Would you like to learn about how to increase your focus and concentration simply by making smarter food choices?
Would you like to spend a great evening in a vibrant team?
Learn about nutrition and how different foods affect your health?
Would you like to find out how to improve your energy with nutritious meals?
Do you suffer from a food allergy/sensitivity and look for inspiration in your kitchen?


All our recipes are gluten free, sugar free, low carbohydrate and suitable for coeliac's, vegans and those following the Paleo diet.


Cookery Days:

Our cookery days are not only about quick, clean, tasty and convenient recipes, it is all about teaching you how to get the very best nutrition out of your food. Our classes range between 2 hours to the whole day and are targeted towards a specific health goal such as weight loss, healthy ageing, digestive health, men's health, how to balance hormones through diet, skin health, foods to boost immunity, detox, cardiovascular and metabolic health.

We teach new recipes using the healthiest methods such as fermenting, spiralising, sprouting and juicing at every class so that you get the very best out of the session and leave feeling inspired and with a bag full of nutritious goodies to head home with.

There will be a combination of food demos and hands-on food prep, interactive lectures and informal Q&A. We believe the best way to learn about food and cooking is by doing it, as our hands memorise far better than our brains. 

How to Eat for Vibrant Energy:

This Cookery Day will explain why so many people struggle with low energy and fatigue and why it affects performance at the workplace. It will review how energy is made, all potential factors that can affect energy production, focus and concentration, micronutrients that are necessary to make energy, and explain how nutrition can help in providing sustained long-lasting energy levels throughout the day.

This event will include practical measures on how to improve focus and concentration, avoid afternoon energy dip, increase the body’s ability to handle stress, how to improve micronutrient content of the diet, breakfast and lunch ideas that are easy, quick, available and at the same time nutritionally balanced!

What you take home:

  • Recipe handouts
  • All food/meals you make during the class
  • Sit down lunch at AVEQIA restaurant
  • Healthy waist-friendly dessert
  • Refreshments
  • Goody-bags with supplements and other healthy treats and products from our sponsors (worth over £50)

You can watch what our past attendees had to say about our cookery classes: