DNA Analysis

We all have the same genes  - around 20,000 - the only difference between people is different versions of the same gene.

Diet and our DNA interact.

Nutrition has the most important life-long environmental impact on human health.

While nutrigenetics addresses how an individual’s genetic make-up metabolises nutrients and predisposes us to developing diet-related disease, nutrigenomics explains how nutrition can influence the expression of our genes. You can be in control of your genes, rather than your genes being in control of you...


The interaction between Genetics and Nutrition is the most important factor to consider for personalised nutritional programme tailor-made for each individual.



We are entering a new era of personalised medicine.  One size does not fit all. 

New studies show that comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle changes may alter gene expression in hundreds of genes in only a few months — "turning on" (up regulating) anti-ageing and disease-preventing genes and "turning off" (downregulating) genes that promote disease, inflammation, ageing and oxidative stress. These nutritional and lifestyle changes also increase telomerase, the enzyme that repairs and lengthens telomeres, the ends of our chromosomes that control how long we live!


But, we are all different from one another, not all types of food or certain diet can grant each one of us the same benefits. 

Unlocking the secrets contained within your genetic data, analysing it, incorporating the latest scientific research and advances in nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics can reveal how each individual metabolises macro- and micro-nutrients, determine essential nutrient requirements for anti-ageing effect, identify the type of diet that is ideal to keep you slim and healthy in accordance to your genetic make-up.

Genetic testing is designed to help you optimise your health via your diet, lifestyle and supplements, allowing you to live in a way that respects your individual biology. Your genetic data will be used to create Your Tailored Nutritional Programme that will show you exactly what type of diet is perfect for you, what dietary components are important, which supplements are necessary and what measures you should incorporate into your daily life. The DNA-based Programme gives you the power to be in control of your genes. 


WeightGen - £400

SkinGen - £400

DetoxGen - £499

Well-Being (the most comprehensive test) - £2,900

The price includes: Your DNA test, your personalised DNA-based programme including diet, supplements, lifestyle recommendations;

1 consultation with our nutritionist at 10 Harley Street or via Skype.