WeightGen - Preventive Genetic Profile Dedicated to Weight Control 

DNA weight tests for all genes (25 genes) involved in metabolic pathways that regulate weight.

This panel analyses DNA variations that are responsible for adipogenesis, anthropometry, appetite control, energy expenditure, lipid metabolism and inflammation, in other words DNA variations responsible for the development of overweight or obesity. Personalised recommendations of WEIGHTgen will help you to manage and to optimise your weight control system and offer solutions to make it more efficient.


Every person is different, biochemically and genetically, there is NO one perfect diet for everybody, WeightGen will find YOUR perfect diet!



The body weight is the sum of body fat (adipose tissues), lean body mass (conjonctive tissue and muscles), skeleton, and water. Age, nutrition, physical activity, hormones and different diseases have a direct or progressive impact on our body weight. Genetic parameters also play a major role in the development of obesity, weight loss, or meagerness. Our lifestyle choices can affect these developments.

Who and when should be tested?

Anybody who wishes to optimise his/her body weight Why WeightGen? Easy to carry out and innovative WeightGen is focused on genetic parameters involved in the development of overweight, obesity or excessive meagerness, and their interactions with lifestyle.

Results and Interpretation

Comprehensive results and recommendations to optimise body weight. Recommendations in nutrition and lifestyle are provided, allowing prevention or attenuation of weight disorders.

Additional Information

Since WeightGen is a genetic analysis, it needs to be carried out only once in a lifetime. Required sample material is a saliva sample.


Price £400