Lavish private estate of Cap Bénat on the French Riviera


A luxury retreat with a full schedule of exercise and healthy meals tailor-made to your genetics. We rejects the notion of a one-size-fits-all fitness and nutrition and instead look at your key genes associated with diet, fitness and weight regulation so you have a bespoke health plan for life.

Who it’s best for: Anyone who likes some serious luxe with their fitness and who is fascinated by a scientific approach to diet and exercise. 

Each day starts with yoga, on the terrace, usually against the backdrop of a spectacular sunrise over the Med. Other activities range from personal training sessions, circuit training on the private beach and ‘animal movement’ (working the body in all three planes, side-to-side as well as backwards and forwards, as we are designed to move) to aqua aerobics in the gorgeous pool, nutritional educational talks and cooking demos. There’s even a hike to the local vineyard for a spot of wine tasting (and yes you do get to taste it).

Despite the high glamour of the location the retreat has a serious educational side, with health lectures and one-to-one consultations to help you change your lifestyle in line with your genetics. 

Where you stay:

"La Radieuse is a spectacular, architect-designed, 9-bedroom villa carved into the side of the hill like a Bond Villain lair on the French Riverira close to Bormes-Les-Mimosas. The villa garden offers five acres of hillside, with a hot tub fashioned out of the rock and a lower terrace, where some of the exercise sessions take place." 

"..lavish private estate of Cap Bénat on the French Riviera, a place so stylish that we couldn’t quite shake the feeling we’d landed on the set of a Tom Ford film." Sharon Walker, Queen of Retreats, 2016 

The bedrooms and communal areas (including a cinema room for lectures) are layered over three floors and multiple terraces, with breathtaking views across the Med.

What you take home:

A detailed diet plan, tips on how best to exercise for my body type and a printed report going into details on your genes that relate to fitness and diet – which includes sensitivity levels to a number of nutrients and food types, from caffeine to carbohydrates and requirements in essential micronutrients such as vitamin D and B-vitamins.

Price: From 2500 euros (sharing) to 6000  euros (£2261- £5427) which includes six night’s accommodation, transfers, personalised meals and nutritional supplements, two one-to-one consultations with the nutritionist, a fitness assessment, two individual personal training sessions, group classes, two massages and a facial,  educational talks, cooking demos, personalised post retreat meal plan, genetics analysis and report post retreat follow-up consultation, in London or via Skype.

"all WellCODE’s team are glowing examples of what the human race can achieve if you eat and exercise according to the requirements of your DNA..." Sharon Walker, Queen of Retreats, 2016
Watch this video to see the retreat for yourself: