Blood Test to Find Out Your Biological Age


We begin to think of ageing as a disease that can be cured, or at least postponed. . . . The field of ageing is beginning to explode, because so many are so excited about the prospect of searching for – and finding – the causes of ageing, and maybe even the fountain of youth itself.

We now have access to the most reliable and accurate test to find out your biological age GLYCANAGE®. We are conducting a research project on "Effects of Lifestyle Interventions on Changes in Biological Age". 

GlycanAge® is a pioneering new blood test, developed by an international team of scientific researchers who have published over 100 peer-reviewed publications in the fields of glycobiology and ageing in the last 20 years. A simple blood draw is needed to provide the sample that is analysed for the individual’s levels of glycans. Glycans are minute sugar molecules that attach to proteins molecules within the immune system, forming individual patterns. These patterns change as we age, often affected by our genes and lifestyle, including nutrition, obesity, smoking, exercise and stress. This new research project aims to enable people to test their real biological age and subsequently track how lifestyle changes may improve it.

Using reliable markers of biological ageing will help to measure the effects of lifestyle and nutritional measures/interventions and will enable to determine what types of foods and behaviours are most likely to keep us younger for longer. On the basis of these associations ‘anti-ageing’ dietary and lifestyle programmes can be developed to suit the individual.

The GlycanAge® test will be available only through registered healthcare providers from February 2017.

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